Complement your house or building design using our wide range of clay roofing tiles, earthy or glazed, to create the look you dreamt of.


Manufactured to international standards at a state-of-the-art facility, Samson Rajarata Tiles made of enduring material, suit diverse climatic conditions.


Energy efficient, 100% natural and free of health hazards, in following sustainable practices, our clay tiles from Sri Lanka are sourced in an eco friendly manner.

Sourcing & Sustainability

Our clay tiles are made of environmentally sustainable material. Sourced from Nachchaduwa Tank located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, the clay is collected during the tank’s de-silting process whereby silt is removed to prevent overflow and maintain the water level. This procedure increases the tanks water capacity, benefiting farmers in the region, while protecting the surrounding from damages created by overflow.

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Product Features

  • Different designs with customized colours
  • 100% natural (no chemicals used)
  • Cooling effect
  • Health conscious
  • High breaking strength
  • Low water absorption (Below 10%)
  • No water permeability
  • Interlocking system
  • Japanese Standard Firing process(JIS)
  • Monkey proof
  • No hidden conditions applied

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About our Company

We specialize in varied clay roof tiles and clay roof sheet designs.  Offering our clientele a range of options among shapes, colours and textures, Samson Rajarata Tiles (Pvt) Ltd. manufactures clay tiles to globally recognized Japanese technology, meeting international standards.

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